Jul 11, 2013

Ways to organize your kitchen.

We all have stuff in our kitchen cabinets that seems to multiply or simply not get used. Why reach to the back to grab what you need, or even around things that aren't useful? Try these 5 ideas to organize. Let me know your favorite and I'll post it here!

1- Purge and then re-purge.  My processor is NEVER used. I like a good knife and cutting board. Unless you use yours all the time, why store, clean the parts and only see it once a year? Donate it and let someone else enjoy! There are cookbooks that I use for one favorite recipe.  Now it's on my Ipad and someone else can use the whole book. The 'junk' drawer likely has pieces and parts of things you'll never need again; donate that old cell phone, put the errant screws into a container in the garage, and gather those pens and pencils in a cutlery tray for easy access. 

2- Don't buy knife sets. Is your full set used a lot?  I have three that are workhorses, and the rest - in the chopping block - take up space. What kind of cook/chef are you? One good chef's knife can nearly always fit the needs in a small kitchen.

3- Create organization. When you have lots of lids and bases, gather them in bins that easily fit your cabinets. They'll stay put, you can grab a set when you need it, and you'll love the free space you create. Add pull out drawers to the inside of your cabinets, hooks and other storage systems on the doors, and make use of all of your space.

4- Pretty it up.  I love glass containers with chalk labels. I can see all of my staples and can note the dates on flour and mixes so that I can use or toss what's old.  I do the same with spices; my client had some from 1992 in her cabinet!

5- Place things where you use them. Why dig into the corner cabinet for your favorite mixing bowl.  Put it to use on the counter with fruit, mail veggies.  Use spices and oils a lot? Get some pretty ceramic cruets or glass containers and store them right next to the cooktop. When you use them fast, they don't need to be in a cabinet. The same goes for pots. A nice rack or shelf can store pots and utensils effectively and attractively!