Jul 8, 2013

Indoor Plants for Health & Decor

An easy way to dress up your interiors is with plants. They provide fullness, color, shape and texture, and are a living, breathing entity that also improves indoor air quality.  An added bonus is that you add to the style of your spaces with the planters that you select. From sleek zinc planters to casual wood barrels, the plant and its planter can add everything from a modern to a traditional element.

If your room is small in height, then you can use tall and slender plants to make it appear taller.  Flowering plants may be grown throughout as their brightness brings mental peace and serenity.   Small bushy plants like Ficus can be used to fill dead corners in the room.

Try these varieties depending upon your lighting and location.

1) Succulents:  Easy care, low maintenance, and great with every style from minimalist to country casual.   I have celedon and blue and white bowls filled with a variety of tall and full succulents on my dining table and master bath vanity. They do require bright light although direct sunlight is not necessary.

2) Orchids: Not as difficult to care for as you might think. Follow the link for ideas on use and care from our January blog. Whether you select Phalenopsis or cymbidium, be sure that you don't over water. The blooms often last two months but do require bright, indirect light to thrive. They make a gorgeous architectural statement.

3) Philodendrons: Easy care, low maintenance, and great in low light.  Perfect for the tops of cabinets and tall furniture, since they drape down nicely and are much easier to grow than ivy that is often used for that purpose.  Hanging in a bathroom they look nice and require less care as they thrive on moisture in the air.

4) Dracena and ficus.  Great tall corner plants that grow bushy to fill dark voids. There are several varieties and they are easy care with low water requirements.  A braided stem ficus is a work of art unto itself.

5) Chinese Evergreen. Another low light plant that remains full with minimal care. Ideal for corners, table tops, and on a plant stand.