Jun 13, 2013

What our designers do...

If you ask people what an interior designer's job entails, you'll probably hear: Space Planning. Decorating. Placing furniture. Selecting tile.  

That's only a small sampling of what we do.  The responsibility for a fabulous space that's functional, safe, and innovative, falls to interior designers. Love the coffee shop that you visit? A designer created that space.  Want technology, aesthetics and function in your spaces? We'll nail it.  Designers are lifestyle advocates and bring many elements together to create fabulous spaces for you, for your life, for your style.  From creating the design for your new home to selecting the right fabric for your windows, we take care of what you need.

We know what inspires you to create a style you love.  By bringing out the best in each space we can make it look larger, taller, use odd angles and nooks, and make it work for youInterior designers, like the team at TOT-Home, evaluate the mechanics of every space - scale, dimension, lighting, and more - and then work with your desires and requirements to maximize the space, how it functions, what's in it, and create a design  that reflects your personality, grounds you, and fulfills your needs.   When it comes to personalizing your design, we're experts at mixing styles and periods to create atmospheres that are inventive, vibrant, comfortable and don't look decorated.  


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