Jun 12, 2013

Tips for DIY Decor With Paint

When you'd like to make a change to your home, but your budget is tight, you can still update your home.  With just a quart of paint, a gallon of oops paint from your local home improvement store, or a can of spray paint, there are multiple projects you can do.

1-  Spray paint the base of a old lamp to transform it. Go from tarnished brass to bold color. 

2- Cover one wall with an accent color and then stencil on a design. You'll get a custom wallpaper at a fraction of the cost of a roll. This stencil design courtesy of Erin from St. Louis.

3- Brush a fresh new color onto the back wall of bookshelves and cabinet.

4 - Cover an old chair with a new color. Krylon makes a spray paint for nearly every surface for under $8.

5- Have old frames? Spray them in assorted colors and hang in a group.  You don't even need to add the art!