Jun 4, 2013

Outdoor lighting

Hang globes and glass vases - DIY or purchased - with candles.
Drape beads, crystals and seashells to create the
right style for your space.
 Summer is here!  Using your patio, lawn, porch, steps and other outdoor spaces is a must.  Whether you're sitting quietly watching your neighborhood, or entertaining with friends, the right lighting sets the mood.  
Hanging flameless candles is ideal under the trees, where a
natural canopy creates a room. Use votives and pillars in
hurricane glasses for a safe and appealing look.
Candles on  and in your fireplace work well in the summer when
warmer weather takes over.

Outdoor kitchens need the right lighting to prep,
cook and entertain.  Here, layers of light create a
well lit yet very welcoming atmosphere.
Lanterns hung from trees and standing next to seating and
on tables works well in traditional settings.

Use a planter as a candle holder!

Hand made glass jar candle holders are suspended
from a trellis. 

One large chandelier can provide enough candle
light to seat eight for dinner.

String lights are the easiest light source! Hang them, string them,
plain or with globes, for a custom design.