May 30, 2013

Bath Inspiration

We love traditional style and the things you can do with a light palette.  This white bathroom is full of needed cabinetry for a large family, yet feels open and bright with the right shade.  Sconces in the mirrors add the best type of lighting, and the mirrors reflect more light back. A small lamp creates a more personal and less 'bathroom' feel and is the perfect style.

Traditional legs make the ready-made cabinets look custom, yet the toe-kick still prevents dust underneath. Glass doors keep the cabinets from being imposing, and make the contents easy for guests to see. Lift doors hide electric toothbrushes and water picks, while the bench seat houses a single pull out for children's towels. 

One vanity reveals a pull out step stool for little ones, with individual drawers to store each child's toiletries.  Sophisticated for mom and dad, yet easy care and access for the little ones.  The in-mirror sconces reflect added light into the room, while the crystal lamp adds the perfect touch for Mom. 

What do you think?