Nov 6, 2012

Furniture arranging 101.

Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. Here are ten tips to help you create a balanced space. 

Fireplace focal point.
1) Find or create a focal point in each room. A feature like a fireplace or view window will help you organize pieces around it.

2) For adjoining rooms, arrange pieces to provide good traffic flow from one space to another.

3) Use symmetry if you desire formality and asymmetry for a more casual and modern feel.

4) Alternate placement around the room between high and low, upholstered and wooden pieces.

5) Add interest and depth by alternating texture and color.

Asymmetric arrangement
6) Place pieces of furniture in the room largest to smallest. You can then see what else you have and what you need; if it doesn't fit, use it elsewhere.

7) Anchor areas with a carpet or area rug.

8) Different shapes can balance each other but keep the scale or heights similar.   Beside the sofa, a low rectangular chest with a lamp on one side can be balanced with a large round mirror hanging on the wall on the other.

 9) Regardless of  symmetry or asymmetry, pieces need to be scaled right for the room.  Too many large pieces are overwhelming and too many small ones aren't interesting. 

10) Furniture can be placed at angles to soften corners and the edges of your separate areas or to create a more casual atmosphere.