Nov 5, 2012

4 ways to light your homes better!

Warm LED sconces and cabinet lighting are efficient and
save money.
How do you light your home beautifully and save money at the same time? Here are 3 ways that we - at - recommend.  When in doubt, contact a lighting design professional. We want you to have the right light for your rooms and tasks while saving energy!

1- Switch to LED or Compact fluorescent bulbs. You'll save up to 5 X the cost to run your fixtures.The great news is that you don't have to buy new light fixtures to do this! Just select the right sized base, the right light output and the color temperature you like, and see savings right away. LED light is bright and clear and great for task and accent lighting. These stairs have LED strips nested into the stringer so the stairs are always well-lit.

Dimmer switch 
2- Use dimmers instead of existing switches. This one, made by, is  sold at most hardware and big box stores. You can control the amount of light and reduce constant "all on high" use especially in recessed lighting.

Occupancy sensor

3- Install occupancy and vacancy sensors in place of switches. You'll walk into a room with your hands full and an occupancy sensor will turn your lights on. If you leave lights on in closets and hallways, worry no more. When you're gone they will turn off automatically if vacancy sensors are installed. 

Plug in timer

4- Buy timers. When it's dark outside, you want to come home to a well-lit home.If you're not there, it's nice to have lights that deter break-ins.  Use wall timers for wall or ceiling fixtures like entries and exteriors and and plug in timers for lamps. Technology is advanced enough to allow you variable on-off settings so if you aren't home, it's not obvious that a timer is working your lights.
Wall switch timer