Apr 2, 2012

Have FUN selecting accessories for your decor.

With hundreds of retail items to select from to accessorize your home, how do you know what to get? Your style is unique and you want to add to it rather than use meaningless items. My philosophy is two fold; less is more and more should be grouped.  I prefer decor where the accessories complement the style and add a personal touch. Fewer pieces of larger scale tend to be more noticed than groups of small items. That said, collections of many small items - often treasured china and crystal - are best displayed in a curio cabinet, on one shelf in the bookcase, or in a grouping that really highlights the collection.

Good accessorizing applies  balance, scale and form, among other design elements, to add a finishing touch to a space. There are many 'rules' that have been developed but design is not about rules. DO make the items you display special for you.  Vary the height of pieces on your tables and mantle for visual interest. DO consider using an accent color rather than the same one in your furnishings. One truism...symmetry is great for traditional and formal spaces - such as buffet lamps flanking a large platter - and asymmetry is more casual; be sure the scale is balanced in your grouping.     

Take a look at what you have and re-work it before you decide to add to it. Rearrange to create a different effect such as creating symmetry where there was none, using only monochromatic colors versus those that are bold and vibrant, and aligning pieces that were previously placed randomly. You'll spot the gaps that you have and will need to fill them.  Here are some tips and  remember the acronym FUN:

1) F  Make it FABULOUS:  Add a unique vase, platter, artwork or pillow if it excites you when you see it. When you see a piece that has a lot of character, that touches you, it's likely a great piece to make a statement. 

Asymmetric placement. 
2) U   Be sure it's USEFUL. You need light in your living room and candles that you won't burn are pretty, so buy a lamp that works for you all the time instead. Does that small trinket add to a collection or mean that you start a new one?  It may be better to complete one before moving ahead!  I love architectural boxes and know that they'll be used to hide remote controls, keys, office supplies and mail, so I gather a few and swap them seasonally.

 3) N   Is it NECESSARY? If your selection adds a fifth item to a group but really doesn't call attention to the design, then don't add it. You might love the red and white throw pillow, but if you have no real place to use it, don't buy it.  If you're replacing an old look with a new, of course you need to start with one item at a time. It's OK to buy a few items, bring them home, and weed out what doesn't really add value to your decor.

Symmetry in design
On an accessory shopping trip it helps to bring color samples with you and certainly photos of the space you are working with.   Have FUN!