Jul 15, 2011

Why use an interior designer?

Interior designers add value in many ways than simply through aesthetics. When you make a decision to remodel or update your home, and bring in a designer, it WILL change your life in the best ways. Making an investment in your home should be done wisely.  From a few hours of time spent by a designer, comes a many-year enjoyment of the spaces you change. Rather than struggle through agonizing weeks with plans, surface materials, fabrics, dimensions and "what-if's", using a professional designer will bring timely satisfaction, creativity, and perfection to your project.

I've rescued clients from bad furniture purchases, the "nightmare" they lived through with a bad contractor, the poor selections of  floor coverings and paint colors that they made, and throwing their hands up at a poorly designed kitchen or bath. Don't waste money. Don't waste time. In interior designer knows codes, space-planning, and had the resources and knowledge to recommend everything to finish and furnish your home. With access to new products and creative ideas, your time with a designer will be well-spent.

When want to you love the results, meet your budget, and nail your style, the decision to hire a designer is always right.