Dec 19, 2017

Design Trends For 2018

Every year brings predictions of up & coming trends in design and decor.  From world politics to your local economy multiple factors influence interior design and architecture. We are more conscious of the impact our lifestyle has on the environment yet still desire beautiful style. Ostentatious is "out". Simplicity, elegance, and quality are "in". For 2018 design trends are moving towards practical yet elegant, grounded and personal, and comfortable easy care living. 

- Statement furnishings and creative accents. Personalizing spaces has always been de rigeur in design. In 2018, this is finessed by adding unique or unusual touches. Accomplish this by adding something rustic or industrial.  A unique end table adds texture, artistry and your personality. Make a creative statement by embellishing window coverings and pillows. 

- Neutral hues. For several years gray was the hot neutral. In 2018 creamy taupe will be popular in cabinetry, fabrics, and wall colors. It provides a soothing feel and combines well with the many finishes that already exist in most homes. Painting an accent wall and adding pillows, bedding and area rugs are easy ways to bring these hues into your spaces. 

- Repurpose your living room. Surveys show that people don't use their formal living rooms.  With a sofa (often 2), they're fabulous spaces for entertaining and relaxing. On the other hand, formal dining rooms - especially for people who entertain - remain in vogue. In the living area create another family oriented space.  Make space for a game table (fabricate one with a piece of glass on a sturdy end table) and hang an inexpensive flat screen TV on the wall. Move your desk from the kitchen or office and create a small writing/homework area. Add throws to formal sofas to create inviting seating or swap formal drapes with casual panels. Have pets? Add some comfy beds.  You'll be more inclined to gather there. 

- Finish colors. As with our prediction from last year, mixing metallic colors will again be popular.  Don't hesitate to mix gold with silver or oil rubbed bronze with chrome in kitchens, baths, dining rooms and more. That applies to finishes on light fixtures, faucets, framed artwork, and door and drawer hardware. Add nailheads to chairs as an update. A sparkle of brass is gorgeous in a stainless steel kitchen.  Glistening chrome hardware will update old cabinets. A multitude of finishes can be tied together with tile, wall paint and even seating fabrics and accessories. For cabinetry, changing stain and paint colors in the same room, like finishing an island in a deep brown stain with painted white perimeter cabinets will become more popular. 

- Fabulous light fixtures are a must. Don't just light your spaces, highlight them. I've always been an advocate for hanging unique pendants instead of using table lamps and selecting fixtures that set the tone for an entire room. Manufacturers are producing statement pieces with awesome style. Swapping out recessed lights with a fab hanging fixture or adding wall sconces instead of lamps is value added and provides instant character. 

- Spa bedrooms. Create a sleeping and relaxing sanctuary for yourself starting with beautiful bed linens – and that includes soft linen sheets – fluffed down alternative comforters and pillows, and elegant yet clean-lined window coverings. Carve out a seating area and use glass or acrylic pieces to maintain an open feel. 

- Ethnic and rustic decor.  Personalize your spaces with unique, rustic or vintage  pieces, bold ethic fabrics on pillows and as wall art. Bring out that Persian throw rug you collected on vacation or military tour. Use it to create a fabulous ottoman or wall hanging. Update an old piece of furniture with vintage glass hardware and make it a focal point. Tuck ethnic baskets under tables and beside furniture. 

- Bring out grandma's china. Don't save heirloom pieces for twice a year use; mix-and-match them with your every day pieces. Use seemingly outdated yet elegant items like serving platters and gravy boats. A sense of history, connection to family, and really functional pieces will make your table beautiful and your heart sing. 

- Have it delivered. Gain the gift of time for you and your family by having farm fresh veggies, cosmetics and toiletries, and even household cleaning products delivered to your door using monthly subscriptions.

- Create a work nook for yourself. Take your desk out of the kitchen or bedroom. Carve out space in a hallway, niche or living room. It can do dual duty as a display area. The change of venue can make you more creative and productive.  Add fun storage and elegant accessories and a neat light fixture instead of a traditional desk lamp.