Sep 18, 2017

When White Is Just Right

White is a classic color in interiors.  It's been the go-to color to help make small rooms appear larger. With so many hue variations, there are more  compelling reasons to use white as a stunning backdrop  to amplify your design. 

White walls and ceilings accentuate the natural light entering a room.
Crisp white architectural details and cabinetry combined with a soft white backdrop on walls and ceilings allows light to bounce around, brightening any space. 

Whether your space is large or small, white can create cohesiveness. By using the same white on all of your trim and architectural details, and mixing it with deeper hues on the walls, the repetition will enable you to tie everything together. 

White is associated with cleanliness and purity. It creates a beautiful backdrop for a relaxing interior. Rather than using crisp white everywhere, creating a monochromatic scheme with varying shades to create a serene, uncluttered look.

The ideal backdrop for showcasing bold color in furniture and accessories is white. It truly does highlight special furnishings and artwork and allow those pieces to take center stage in your design.

If you want to highlight the exterior, creating a focus on the windows can be accomplished with white walls inside. Attention will be drawn to the outside rather than colorful details inside.

Modern and minimalistic interiors are often white so they feel uncluttered and clean. Keeping the backdrop white, allows modern and edgy design and furnishings to stand out.