May 21, 2016

Get your closet ready for winter

As we make the transition indoors from warm weather to winter, remember your closet! Not only will you get organized, but you'll make it easy when you pull your warm weather clothes out again. To make this transition as smooth as possible, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

1. Wash summer items: Before putting away any of your warm weather clothing, be sure to wash everything. Stains often set when stored and you will not be happy when you pull your favorite T-shirt out and see spots that developed during storage. If you need to, bring it to a dry cleaner.  Ecover makes a fantastic stain remover. 

2. Purge unworn items: When you begin to put things away it's a good time to do a quick evaluation.  If you didn't wear the piece during the spring or summer season, it doesn't fit, it's damaged, or you don't think you'll wear it again, donate it, sell it or hand it down.

3. Choose the best storage. Most of us can't afford to give up closet space to keep our seasonal clothing in one closet. That means finding a good space and the right storage container. Plastic bins are easy because they stack well and come in multiple sizes. See through containers make it easy to identify the contents. There are some great under bed storage containers at and the Container Store. As for where to put the bins, basements can be OK if they are not warm and moist. If you can, use your coat closet to stack boxes on the floor or on the highest shelf. Be sure to add cedar blocks to your boxes to repel insects and keep clothes smelling fresh. I often tape a few cotton balls that I have spritzed with essential oils to the top.

4. Prep your closet:  As you take out your winter wardrobe, be sure to clean your closet.  Wipe off the rods, dust the shelves, and vacuum the floor and ceiling corners....don't forget the light fixture.  You'd be amazed how much dust collects in a closed closet. You might even find moth larva so consider hanging Cedar pieces on your rods. www, I love  spraying essential oils in the air, or hanging them in a clay pommander to keep everything fresh. 

5. Review what you're putting out.  Just as you did for your summer clothes, when you pull out winter outfits, evaluate what you have. Donate what doesn't fit, is damaged, or is out of style. Since you'll likely add something new, this will give you more room. Remember your shoes. Check the heels, the soles and have what's damaged, repaired. Polish  your favorite boots so they are ready to wear.

6. Organize: It makes it easy see what you have and to select what you'll wear if you organize your clothing by purpose then by color. For example, put all of your work clothing on one rod.  Put your workout gear on another. Keep favorite outfits for events separate. Since you'll likely add to your wardrobe just a bit, leave a little space between types. If you have room once you've done that, then organize by color.  To gain more space, switch to low-profile "huggable" hangers. They will be your best closet friend since clothes won't slip off and they're compact or you can hang more things in less space. They make clips to hang skirts!