Apr 22, 2016

Nontoxic Gardener's Hand Scrub

It's that time of year again. Outdoor gardening, landscaping, and starting my urban and vegetable garden means that I need a good scrub to clean my hands without the toxic chemicals found in products in grocery and hardware stores.you could modify the recipe for different sense. For example, rose petals, which smell wonderful to my mom, is not as appealing to me. I prefer mint. The basic recipe is simple and most of the ingredients are available at Amazon.com and www.mountainroseherbs.com

* 1 cup granulated sugar
* ¼ cup dried rose petals or dried lavender or orange peel or lemon peel 
* ¼ cup ground apricot kernels
* ⅓ cup sweet almond oil
* 10 drops of of your favorite essential oil.  I have used peppermint, lemon, orange, geranium, Rosemary, and lavender.

How to make: 
1. Crush your lavender or rose petals into small pieces.
2. Put the herbs, sugar, and apricot seeds to a small bowl and mix well 
3. Stir in sweet almond oil 
4. Mix in your favorite essential oils. You can even blend oils. Lavendar and rosemary work very well together and add antibacterial properties. 

I use glass containers – generally ball jars – with a widemouth and store mine under the sink or in a cool dark cabinet. 
When I need it, I grab a handful, really rub it in, then turn the water on and rinse. A bit of oil will remain on your skin keeping
it  hydrated. The essential oils will be antibacterial - safer than triclosan -  and the sugar will take off grime and soil easily. If you don't use it much, I recommebd keeping it for about two months and then making it fresh.