Oct 1, 2015

Fall Update & Repair - With Paint

This is unabashedly a promotion for Sherwin Williams products. The quality, the color retention, the cleanability, and how easy it is to apply make me a fan of their products after having specified and used them for the last 10 years.

After a hot summer, the first cool winds of autumn build a nesting urge within us.  I get a burst of renewed energy — enough to make repairs to my indoor nest for all of the upcoming cool and blustery days ahead! In Southern California, we are going to be experiencing an El NiƱo winter. That means lots of rain. Making your indoor spaces fabulous, and your outdoor spaces weather resistant is key to enjoying a worry free yet cozy winter.

Here are my top five fall fixes to rekindle your love of home.


New caulking and a fresh coat of trim paint will ready your windows for winter. Caulk seals out wind, rain, snow and pests. Paint protects your trim against water damage. I'm sure it's true all over the country, but we have a challenge with termites eating wood trim in California.  Therefore, I'm not only caulking and sealing, I'm replacing some trim too. 

Fix 1: Windows


Recoat your exterior architectural accents with a durable paint, like Emerald® Exterior, for a beautiful finish. The higher  sheens are perfect for showcasing details on decorative pieces such as shutters, railings, garage doors, front door windows and trim. My front door is going to be painted a bold black but I haven't quite decided on which color I'm going to do the two garage doors and the gate!

Fix 2: Exterior Accents


A coat of SuperDeck® Exterior Waterborne Clear Sealer helps  your deck stand up to weather extremes, from the heat of the sun, to rain, snow and ice. The SuperDeck® Deck Care System features products perfect for every stage of the job. Believe it or not, I have used their exterior floor paint on my teak furniture. After years of having teak go natural weathered gray it was time to actually paint it in a richer hue that looks finished and clean. Much easier than having to sand it down every spring!

Fix 3: Backyard Deck


Refresh your indoor space without moving furniture! Touch up your high-traffic doorways and baseboards with a fresh coat of paint. Your wall color will pop with a white-hued trim, but whichever color you choose, your room will look revitalized. My personal favorite is Toque White and I am working on the baseboards this coming weekend!

Fix 4: Indoor Trim


Want to add a little excitement to a familiar space? Paint or wallpaper the back panel of a bookcase. It will update the space and display your favorite collections in a fresh way. This fall, I'm taking an old dresser that was ready to be donated and transforming it with Conservative Gray. New hardware - got some fabulous crystal knobs at Amazon.com – and a little bit of sheen in the paint will now make this piece one of my favorites.  Don't have the furniture, don't worry. Find a wall that will become a fabulous accent and just paint that one wall.

Fix 5: Accent Piece