Apr 18, 2015

Kitchen remodels – what's right for you.

Every kitchen remodel is different. You can do an update in the exact footprint and simply refresh cabinetry and counters. You can use the same space for appliances, and modify storage and tedpchnilohyn. and change out appliances add a new backsplash,  and you can completely gut the kitchen and start again. There are so many options and variations it really depends on what you need and what your budget is. 

So what do you really think you need. Here's a quick list

1) Realistically consider your lifestyle. Do you cook? If you don't, you might not need all the fancy gadgets. If you're a dine out type, a kitchen needs just the basics.  If there are two cooks in your kitchen, you should make two large workspaces in some fashion. Are you designing it for your lifestyle or to have a beautiful space?  If you already have habits, a renovated kitchen generally isn't going to change them. 

2) Kitchen appliances tend to be expensive. It's good to know what you need, what you like, and with the finishes. Stainless is pretty common right now, so the prices are not outrageousHowever, the quality of your appliances will matter. If you are a great chef, you may want to go high-end with recognizable names including  Wolf, sub zero and thermadir    You might not cook pot, but you might want the glamour of the beautiful artistic appliance. And definitely price and design go hand-in-hand the kitchen appliances. If you are a family cook, look for features that are important to you. Closed burger systems induction cooking self cleaning products etc. And note that some of the best products come from General Electric and kitchen Aide. 

4) Think about items that will make your kitchen function well. Who uses it? Is it just one cook or two? Do you have children helping themselves. Do you invite guests often that like to prepare coffee and in meals. Are there specialty items you've been dreaming of putting in and just haven't done it until this remodel. coffee bar section, a wine unit?  is it refrigerator drawers in addition to a large unit, how about dishwasher drawers in Lieu of a full one. That can be more flexible for entertaining, small dinners, the small families. Pot fillers are great, but if you don't make lots of pasta or soup, they're not very helpful.  

5) Plan, plan, plan. The most successful remodels and updates are literally a plan of day by day week by week projects and expected completion dates. You should definitely know what you want in advance of starting a demo. For example if you know your cappuccino takes eight weeks, perhaps you can live with your kitchen a little bit longer and closer to the four week mark start demo. How about appliances, my recent client was told six months for the refrigerator. That's way too long this you should start a little bit later until that the place is ready. I recommend that you have most of your plumbingand your appliances selected. Knowing that your refrigerator coukd take six months to arrive. The same applies to surface materials. Custom tile is a 4 to 6 week lead time. So you can order it when you start demo.


6) Depending on your situation, you may want to live in your home for the rest of your life....perhaps it's a family homestead. Then your kitchen should  be everything you want including being  avant-garde and artistic. If you intend to move in 5 to 10 years, the more timeless and not so trendy will give you a better resale value. 

Overall, you don't want to miss thing that you don't have now that you really want to. But just beware that the specialty items cost more. It's often wise to start with a number and then modify that number to include or exclude a listing of items based on their price. And be cautioned again, if you cook a certain way now, a new kitchen won't likely change that.