Mar 2, 2015

Paint Colors For 2015

Favorite paint colors 2015

To me, paint colors are like flavors of ice cream. Do you go with trends or do you find what you love?  I say it's personal and that can change over time. Good news, because paint is easy to change. Here are my favorite five for 2015 they give you a nice clean backdrop for  enduring style and flexibility.  When you're ready to update your spaces, keep the paint colors and just swap out area rugs, accessories and

1. Benjamin Moore Silvery Moon 1604
Colors that blend a bit of green and blue are ideal. They are soothing and spa like, and this one is certainly a fabulous combination. This was done over white wainscoting in a transitional style living/dining room with beautiful results.

2. Sherwin Williams Celery SW6421 
Green is such a fabulous wall color. Other than blue – like the sky - it's the most commonly found color in nature. There are so many shades it's difficult to select one.  It's easy to get lost in undertones, since many have strong yellow tones which can be challenging to coordinate with what exists in your spaces. This one is fresh but not bold, making it an ideal way to introduce green into your home.

 3. Benjamin Moore Perspective CSP-5 
The new neutrals are gray hues and there's a reason. They come from so many companies in so many wonderful undertones you can mix them with just about any other color. This one is a bit cool. Add bold yellow or orange accents for a fabulous color combination.   Gray walls and a white ceiling make a beautiful backdrop for modern home.  This one pairs beautifully with whitewashed furniture which is extremely popular.
4. Behr Rain Washed 500E-3
For drama, add a deep but not dark blue.  It's soothing for a bedroom, relaxing as an accent wall in the family room, and fabulous in an entry or powder room. This one is subtle yet with a hint of boldness. It borders on pastel, making it easier to use.

5. Sherwin Williams Pearl Onion SW7126 
Pastels are a great way to add color when you are afraid of being too bold. This particular one is white yet with a beautiful green undertone.   It's perfectly suited to a dining room or bedroom and  I have recently used it in a great room, wrapping the color up onto the ceiling.

 6. Pratt & Lambert Sunspot 11-10
Yellow is a rejuvenating color. This one is a golden yellow with a richness that pairs as beautifully with white trim as with dark woods. I frequently use yellow and cream in wide stripes in small bathrooms, making them bright and sunny and help them appear a bit larger than they really are.

7. Valspar Brown Buzz 6005-3B
Putty and taupe colors are en vogue. They're very relaxing, they work with nearly every color scheme, and like gray have many undertones. Depending upon the natural light in your space, you can go deep and rich, or lighter and bright. This particular one has a little bit of green, and catches the light beautifully.