Mar 27, 2015

Leftover paint 101

As you start to go through your garage during your annual spring cleaning, you will probably find lots of paint on the shelves.  Using up what you have is a great way to reduce leftover paint. When you can't do any of the following, donate it to a program in your local neighborhood since most companies are required to accept any brand of paint for recycling.

Here are a few ideas to get you started 

If you have more than a gallon use light shades is primers for other paint projects. Or donate to someone, a neighbor a look at his organization or friend. Find someone that can use it.  How about create a large accent wall in your entry, dining room, living room. Darker the color the more paint you will use up because typically they need two coats. 

Have just a quart?  It's the perfect size for updating a piece of furniture. How about painting an old picture frame to make it bold and interesting.  Doing the back of a bookcase also takes about a court with some stunning results. Brave? Do your screen door!

Pint sizes are little more difficult. You can personalize something you like such as a serving tray. Add stripes to a table or just dip the legs in to a certain point and have a great two-tone style.

Have a sample size? Go ahead and update that birdhouse hanging outside.

Can't find a use for it? All local paint stores are now required to take a deposit when you buy new paint. There are also required to take old paint back from you. Check out your local Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, etc., and find a place to recycle it.