Mar 4, 2014

Get a new look for spring....and beyond!

I loved to refresh my rooms.  Small things work well, so I like to start that way first....otherwise it can get out of control!  My favorite way is to Create a new look by moving furniture in the room to new positions. Try 'floating' a larger piece by moving it off thewall. Angled pieces work nicely to create the illusion of more space. Moving a large piece to a different wall can change a room's character.  Can you re-purpose pieces from one room and use in another? A dresser can become an entry table and an occasional table may become a nightstand in the bedroom.

A sisal area rug warms a minimalist  dining room.

2. Define your space.  One of the fastest ways to change your interior is with an area rug. Flooring is a large space and covering one section can change the color and the perception of that space. Try covering your outdoor spaces too -  warm it up for early evening dinners - with an outdoor rug (be SURE it is rated for outdoor use).

New pillows & a drapery panel quickly reform a bedroom.
3. Bring in color. Pillows in contrasting colors with texture and pattern will create a new feel.  Use them on the sofa, beds, and larger chairs. A more permanent color enhancement is paint.  Try creating one accent wall. Add a decorative effect for drama. Stripes are a great accent although require patience!

4. Add fabric. Cooler weather often brings drafts. If you have shades or blinds, add a curtain panel. The fabric adds a whole new look and as a bonus, helps stop the drafts. Drape a dresser with fabric runners...even throws.  Use a runner or tablecloth on the main table for a seasonal change.

5. Swap out accessories.  Change the theme of your decor. Instead of the traditional vases and candles, try statuary. In lieu of ceramic or porcelain, experiment with glass. Change the color scheme of accessories. Remember that fewer and large pieces will create impact.