Mar 26, 2014

5 Products we LOVE for the kitchen

Making the best use of space, light and storage is always top on the list for most of us.  I search for new and unique products every single day to make that happen! Here is my list of favorites for March!

1. Drawer insert for space saving storage.  This is fabulous for long utensils, easy to grab, and what could be better other than a personal chef?  If the $75 price tag is too high, fashion your own from balsa wood and carpenters glue like we did.

2. LED undercounter light with motion sensor.  Very cool LOOX lighting is great for when you need it.  By Haefle, the surface fixtures are battery powered and go on with a wave of the hand. Easy!

3. An add on cabinet? Yep. Put this small 2 legged piece at the end of a cabinet run or island for much needed storage and an extra surface.  Kraftmaid makes these in a variety of sizes and styles.  All you do is unpack the box, attach the unit and top with your favorite counter or cutting surface.

4. Kohler's cast iron sink with an offset drain is fantastic!  When you wash large pots, the drain can get covered by the pot....well no longer!  It's large and undermounted...two of the better options for a kitchen sink.

5. Dimmers are the best way to take your high output recessed lights down to a better level after prep is over.  Lutron makes beautiful styles that work whether you have LED, CFL or incandescent bulbs. Save money and get the best light control you can!