May 1, 2013

Products for outdoor living

It's nearly summer!  Outdoors is often a fabulous extension of your home, so incorporate some elements that make it feel like an oasis.  These ten items are inexpensive yet add charm to outdoor spaces.

1 - Garden Stool.  These little charmers are generally porcelain and can withstand the sun and some showers during the summer season.  They add fabulous color and can be a seat or a table when you need one!  Bring it indoors for a dual duty piece when summer ends.

2- Unusual planter. Use an old ladder, a cart,  a chair, and other unusual items to plant some colorful flowers and greenery.  Having a touch of color on a patio, softens it, and fragrant blooms go a long way in making your outdoor room luscious. 

3- Potted herb centerpiece. What better way to dress your table and add flavor to your salad/dishes than a collection of potted herbs?! Keep the pots all the same for an elegant look, or vary the color and container for a casual, eclectic table.

4- Use vintage pieces as vases. Remember to add flowers to your outdoor space when you entertain.  Rather than bringing a glass vase outdoors, use an old watering can, an iron wall hanging, and vintage pieces that add character. 

5- Out door rugs. Polypropylene rugs are a great addition to a patio, porch or other outdoor room.  They add softness underfoot, fantastic color and texture, and truly do extend your indoors.

6- Mason jar candles.  There is nothing like a flickering candle to set a relaxed, warm ambiance. Use old mason jars (from spaghetti sauce, jam and baby food) to create a table candlescape or even a hanging chandelier. Use thin wire to wrap around the top and hang (safely) for fabulous style.

7- Bold accessories.  When you set up an outdoor space, don't forget accessories.  They make a tremendous difference!  They include pillows, large statement pieces like urns, birdcages, and more.

8 - Decanter. Make tea and outdoors in a glass decanter.  Serve your beverages in one, and create a beautiful table scape!