Aug 31, 2012

Summer is coming to a close. Extend your time outdoors!

To extend your living spaces through an Indian Summer - warm enough to use through October - be sure to incorporate some of these ideas!  At Touch of Tradition - Home we stock throws, lanterns and outdoor fabrics for every style.

1) Lighting  As the days shorten, you'll need to add light to work or entertain by. With a simple outdoor extension cord, hanging string lights over trees, under the eaves of the house, wound onto a trellis or fence, and draped under an umbrella, will add enough light and are easy to do. Many big box store sell lighting for outdoors so don't hesitate to use a table or floor lamp. It will make the room feel more like indoors!

2) Lanterns There is nothing like candle-light to create a relaxing mood for a balmy outdoor evening.  An enclosed lantern with regular or flame less candles, adds an element of safety to a great architectural detail. Stand them on tables, next to chairs, hang 

them from shepherd hooks in your garden. Instant ambiance! 

3) Pillows  When the hot weather abates, you can get a cozy feel by adding pillows to your outdoor spaces.  From accent pillows on chairs to floor pillows for seating, they create a softness and invite you to spend time.

4) Area rug  Using an outdoor area rug can make an outdoor space more welcoming.  End of season sales are abundant, so take advantage and get a great rug that suits your style.

5) Throws  To ward off the chill of a late fall, drape throws over your benches and chairs so guests (and you) can keep warm while you enjoy another outdoor evening.