Jun 13, 2012

5 Favorites for Summer

When you think of summer you think of outdoors. Here are my 5 favorites  for outdoor living.  

1) A daybed covered in outdoor fabrics is as comfortable as it is useful. For an afternoon nap, dining by candlelight, or reading a book in the sunshine. 

2) Area rugs - in outdoor materials - really make a space feel like a room.  Whether you have a small balcony or a large patio, using something to anchor your seating group will make it feel more comfortable.

3) Great lighting is a must for an outdoor room.  Candle light is wonderful, and flameless candles make it easy and safe. If you don't have a source for power, these will provide ambiance with ease! From tea lights to pillars, there is a size for your holder. The new pillar styles are waxen and have a setting that turns them on at the same time every night, and off in 5-6 hours. 

4) Shade is important for daytime use of an outdoor space, but equally necessary for open yards that you want to use even during a summer shower.  I have a sun sail, but a large umbrella, positioned well, gives the same protection.  Here, a canvas is draped on simple poles to shade a garden seating area. 

5) A fire pit or fireplace is a wonderful element for outdoors, but if code, cost and safety prohibits one, try an ethanol burning candle, fire bowl, or small table top version.