Dec 9, 2011

Weekend bath update!

Have two days and need to update your bath? Try these 6 tips:

1) Paint the walls and/or cabinets a fresh new color. Rather than remove and install new cabinetry, go from oak to white  and get tremendous impact.  Use eco-friendly paints and prep beforehand so the end-result is long-lasting. Removing dated wallpaper and painting a new color is more challenging but may be all the update you need!  

White on white instead of oak and floral wallpaper,
and adding a chandelier, transformed this bath for under $500.

2) Add architectural details.  Try adding a chair rail height molding or tile wainscot. You can also paint the lower area one color and the upper wall another. Many home improvement stores sell ready-to-install wainscot.  With good room ventilation, back-priming the material, and a quality top coat, wood or composite wainscot works well in bathrooms.

3) Swap shower curtains.  A big impact can be had with changing your linens...the shower curtain, window treatments, bath mats or rugs - and of course - towels. Crisp white looks great in many baths but don't hesitate to be creative with pattern selection.

4) Install new tile. Many sinks don't have a backsplash. Add one...easy to install mosaic sheets often require no cuts and many home improvement centers offer weekend classes. Can you swap your linoleum for a large scale tile? Can you remove a small area of tile and replace? GO for it!  

5) Change the theme or style. Go from colorful and busy to neutral and serene or vice versa. Create a brighter space or make a warm cozy space.

6) Add or change lighting. Have a Hollywood style bath bar? Swap it for an updated one. Want a pendant? There are fixtures that simply screw in place of recessed lights..what a great new look. New mirrors also help with lighting as they reflect light throughout the space.

New lights, mirrors and faucets were
added to the existing vanity. It got white paint, lost its doors,
and a new marble top, all for less than $1000.