Nov 16, 2011

Green gift ideas

Looking for a useful, eco-friendly gift?  Remember that supporting sustainable manufacturing and buying local goods, does benefit the ecology. Find your local farmer's marker for many of these items, or click our links for on-line shopping.

Bamboo towel set - Great for any age, these towels are soft, durable and very absorbent.

Recycled magazine mirror - Perfect for a contemporary style home, the office, or a teen room.

Bamboo cutting board -  Made from a renewable resource, harder than maple, many fabulous styles and grain cuts to select from.

Soy based candle  -  These burn clean, have a longer burn time, and use non-toxic cotton or hemp wicks.

Teak serving and salad bowls  - Handmade, these bowls are polished not urethaned, and are made from harvested wood.

Peruvian pottery - Works of art, these pots are beautiful, handmade and stained using lead-free oxides.

Natural soaps and lotions - Made without chemicals, better for your skin, great for kids and packaged nicely. 

Glass cruets for cooking oils and vinegars - A long-lasting gift. With a variety of shapes, decorative stoppers, these can be re-used many times and then recycled if broken.

Organic cotton throws - Warm for winter and add a nice touch to your lounge chair or sofa.

Recycled glass pitchers and glassware - Check out the serve ware at Pottery Barn