Oct 28, 2011

A modern storage-AV system for tight spaces.

We all have space requirements in our homes and apartments. When you have limited space, but need a storage system and a place for your plasma TV and audio components, check out the Flat.C shelf system by B & B Italia.  Designed to house books and a television as well as all hi-fi accessories in the smallest amount of space possible, it also provides a convenient solution for electrical wiring and arranging the wires in cableways. A number of configurations are possible, so a long horizontal unit can be installed in lieu of a vertically stacked array of shelves.

The reason is that Flat.C is only 25 cm in depth and the thickness of the shelves and sides has been reduced. With no visibly joined parts,  the look is sleek and minimalist.  You can have the unit in satin lacquer finishes and even a steel-colored varnish.