Oct 24, 2011

Ideas to re-use or re-cycle left overs from a remodel.

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, repainting your bedroom, or putting in a new patio, odds are you'll have some building materials left over. Wood, paint, tile and brick are three commonly used construction materials that often end up in the trash or sitting in a backyard or garage for far too long. Instead of letting these materials go to waste or take up space in a landfill, make the most of them! Use them up, or recycle them in an environmentally friendly way. Here are three excellent web resources Craigslist, Earth911 and SalvoUS.
1) send to a recycling center
2) donate to Habitat for Humanity or other building-related center
3) offer on Craigslist
4) larger pieces can be used to build a birdhouse, a garden trellis, a bookshelf or storage unit.
5) small pieces can be used as blocking in wall patches, to make a picture frame, or for crafts
6) untreated wood can be used as firewood
7) Cut pieces up to create a stacked-wood wall. You can run them with the end grain showing, or stacked as in this photo.  Makes a great feature wall!

1) Many recycling centers accept porcelain and ceramic tile 
2) Roof tiles can be donated to Habitat for Humanity or other re-claimed building materials centers
3) use broken tiles to make a mosaic on a backsplash, table top, mirror and picture frame
4) Crush and use as a garden pathway

5) fill planters with small pieces for better drainage
6) Make coasters and trivets from large pieces
7) offer on Craigslist 
8) Donate to a school or center for arts and crafts

1) Sell reclaimed brick since the aged patina is often desirable - try landscapers, masons, carpenters and Craigslist
2) Donate to Habitat for Humanity or other re-claimed building materials centers
3) Create a garden border
4) Build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit
5) Cover a tile fireplace with brick instead
6) Make a new walkway or patio

Paint: Buy what you need so left-overs are minimal and then store a small amount for touch ups

1) Do small projects like re-painting furniture. Use multiple colors for distressing, crackling etc...
2) Donate to a school or other arts and crafts organization
3) Unopened cans can be donated to Habitat for Humanity
4) Find a faux finisher who will take some from you

5) Small amounts can be left in the can to dry and the can recycled. Larger amounts can be mixed with a paint hardener and then disposed of.  
6) Create a unique finish on a feature wall in your entry, dining room or master bath.