Jul 19, 2011

Re-purpose your family heirlooms.

Have a dated looking curio, table, dresser, hutch or other piece that is not an antique but was passed onto you?  You can still use it even if the style isn't what you have in your home.  How?

1) Change the color. Paint, stain and fabric or paper  are the best ways to transform furniture. From brown to ivory, from pickled to deep mahogany and covering door and drawer fronts with decoupage (fabrics and papers), create tremendous changes very quickly. This brown oak armoire became dining room curio with an ivory interior (and glass insets may be next in the doors) and a distressed paint finish.

2) Change the details. Add, remove or change design details like moldings, legs, and embellishments. Larger or smaller legs change the height to transform coffee tables into desks

3) Change the function. Use an old dresser as a sideboard. Take out the drawers and use them as shelves, and place baskets - or not - into the drawer spaces.  Here, a brown and shabby 9 drawer chest becomes a dove gray storage unit for crafts in a family room. 

4) Change the hardware. Such a simple way to make a new statement. From wide handles to drop pulls, this is a beautiful example of updating. The 'before' was a painted piece with black scroll handles.