Jul 22, 2011

Jewelry for your doors and drawers makes a fabulous statement.

Whether you are updating a kitchen or bath, refurbishing a piece of furniture, or just looking for a change,  using decorative hardware will make a custom design statement.  These are some of the pieces we love, and they are available at A Touch Of Tradition Home & Garden Shoppe in San Diego. Many come in 6 or 7 finishes - chrome, nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze, silver, antiqued, and black.

Sophisticated polished nickel pull for cabinets and furniture.

The right hardware can often set the style for your space even if very little else changes. For example, you can change a kitchen whose cabinets are in good condition by using pulls in lieu of knobs.  Make them a different style from the existing and enjoy the transformation.  

Glass and chrome - artistic yet classic.

Available in 5 finishes, this knob is elegant and traditional.

Dressers and chests whose style is dated in your home, can be updated with new pulls or knobs.  Antique pieces are ideal for hardware changes, since they will dress up the furniture yet be removable if the piece needs to be sold. Schaub Hardware has several lines of decorative, traditional hardware perfect for this application.

Linen closet and other hallway storage cabinet doors and drawers reap benefits from new hardware. What was a wall of doors can become a work of art with hardware like pieces from Vicenza Designs.  Even simple hardware from a big box retail or hardware store can have a huge impact on cabinets and closets.

Add appliance pulls to larger pieces of furniture. Try adding an element from nature - like these textured bamboo pulls - for a casual yet enduring style. 
Bamboo textured, casual and classic. 7 finishes available

 Have a specialty area in your home like a wine cellar?  Use an elegant pull with a theme, to create a stunning, custom space.

Satin nickel and granite for a modern kitchen.
To update a casual kitchen, try these pulls with a brushed metal finish and a stone center. The metals will add sophistication and the granite will provide elegance and artistry.

Lions head style for a European look. 6 finishes.
A wonderful themed knob in nickel.