May 17, 2011

Kitchen trends from KBIS

When you are thinking of updating your kitchen, DO look at trends since they will guide you on updated technologies, colors and products that can help make your remodel enduring. Here are 7 products that were showcased at this year's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show that I have used in recent kitchen projects to rave client reviews.

1) Work islands. More function and flexibility can be had with one that can be wheeled from room to room. They serve as functional furniture in family rooms, dining rooms, and of course, the kitchen.

2) Hardware. Try putting lifts on your cabinet doors. Some have remote control lifts, making tall cabinets easy to access. 

3) Adjustable cabinets.  For homes with many cooks, and those with special needs, cabinets on stationary frames that can be lowered or raised are ideal.

 4) New style refrigeration. Refrigerators that contain all drawers and no shelves. Neff makes some units that have both fridge and freezer function. The function of all drawers is often better to store fruits, salads, leftover items and small condiments and keeps them all separate for freshness and odor reduction.

5) Fully integrated cabinets and appliances.  For a sleek furniture-style kitchen, concealing the appliances - yet keeping them functional - is ideal.  You will have a hard time finding dishwashers, ovens and, of course, refrigerators.

6) Counter tops that feature rich textures.  In solid surfaces, sand-blasted stone,  stainless steel or metal-look laminates, new textures create a custom look.  Added features include anti-microbial treatments,  stain resistance,  and colors to suit every taste and style.

7) Faucets with LED lighting and flexible spouts.  While these are artistic, they are also practical as the light changes with the temperature setting. New finishes - like black pearl - make these unique.  There is also a new LED fitting for faucets that can be retrofitted to many kitchen and bath fixtures.