May 25, 2011

Asian inspired decor - tips and ideas.

Asian-inspired decor is admired for its simplicity with an unrivaled elegance.  It is rich and warm yet clutter-free! Use the following guidelines for creating an Asian theme - keeping in mind that this generalizes and doesn't distinguish cultures such as Japanese or Chinese.
1) Colors for Asian rooms should include red, black, blue, gold, green, or purple.  Paint a focal wall lacquer red.
2) Materials used in this type of decor should be natural. Use wood, stone, and metal.
3) Fabrics should be silk, linen, hemp, cotton or blends, with texture.
4) Use natural reeded window coverings or simple fabric roller shades. Rice paper screens are good for privacy but not light control.  
5) Bamboo for flooring, furniture and accessories is ideal. 
6) Furniture in elm and teak are wonderful for their rich color and sustainable nature.  Red and black lacquered pieces are ideal.
7) Wool, sisal and jute are good for accent rugs.
8) Less is more when accessorizing. Several large items will look better than many small ones.
9) Lighting should be soft. Lanterns, iron fixtures and lamps with wooden and stone bases work well.