Apr 18, 2011

A product that you can really live with....Flor.

With busy lives and the need to complete decor quickly and effectively, FLOR's modular floor tiles is a product that may suit your needs. Flexible - since you can mix and match; enduring - you can adapt to new design styles easily, and sustainable - is made with recycled content and you can sent back a 'spent' piece to have it recycled.

People are more demanding of the products they buy these days. Simple aesthetics aren’t good enough. Products need to perform or solve a problem, look good while doing it and be kind to the environment at the same time. That has been the FLOR philosophy since the very beginning and is an ongoing quest for their design team. The FLOR system is designed to empower people to explore and create without fear.

The FLOR collection offers flexibility and freedom you simply cannot find in conventional rugs: the ability to mix colors or patterns, and to cut or customize your rug to fit your specific room dimensions is unique to FLOR. Using renewable or recycled materials, they also offer a Return & Recycle Program where consumers can return old FLOR squares to be recycled into new products.