Oct 11, 2010

STYLE Lesson 2 - Transitions

A classic living room in the Mission Style. Tiffany lamps are used.
A modern interpretation of Arts & Crafts Style.
Following the English styles from our last lesson, the Arts & Crafts movement follows. From 1910 through the 30's, in England and the US, furniture style underwent a transformation from decorative and manufactured to simple and hand-hewn. Out went embellishment and in came a return to traditional craftsmanship.  Pieces from this period are also known as Mission and Craftsman styles and the lines are straight and pieces are weighty.   Accessories including colorful ceramics and Tiffany lamps - stained glass often with ornate floral patterns - are commonly seen in classic Arts & Crafts interiors. This style is often called upon in modern design as seen in the chairs to the left.  Clean-lines and strong pieces, often with leather upholstery are considered classic and fit many modern interiors. Pieces from companies like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, are influenced by this period. Next.....the French influence.