Oct 16, 2010

Aging in Place - 10 things to consider

You're nearing retirement and you LOVE your home. Since you've decided to stay, there are some things you should consider to make your home perfect as you age. Creative application of correct design principles will give you a beautiful home with features that you will NEED to live comfortably and safely.
  1. Does every room have sufficient space to move around easily. Kitchens, baths, stairways, doorways and hallways may need to accommodate canes, walkers or wheelchairs.
  2. Will the lighting be right over time? Allow for eye changes as well as energy and code compliance especially in areas where you perform tasks; home office, kitchen, bath.
  3. Are handles on door, faucets and other fixtures easy to use?  Could you open a door or turn on water with arthritic finger using your left or right hand?
  4. Is furniture the right scale, dimension and positioned well?  Can you get up from a sofa easily?
  5. Are bathrooms easily accessible? Are shower dams and toilet seats the right height? Can showers be used easily? Are supports in place if they are necessary?
  6. Can you reduce maintenance in the home? Add systems or use products to make cleaning minimal or simple. 
  7. Are surfaces safe? Can you see/feel steps or curbs? Is the flooring in every room slip resistant?
  8. Is it easy to see distances, edges and stairs? Add dimension, color and light.
  9. Can the kitchen be set up and/or be modified? Will it be easy to operate appliances, and cook safely? Consider the height of counters, outlets, switches, and all appliances.
  10. Consider the exterior spaces as well as the interior, and include access, lighting and energy consumption.
Using a qualified interior specialist like Entirely Design, will help make your lifestyle changes practical, safe and gorgeous.