Sep 17, 2016

Charming Farmhouse Style

If you love rustic woods, wicker, checks and plaids, and distressed items, you will love farmhouse style. From iron baskets to wooden pieces, items are distressed and antiqued, even chipped, so the character of each piece stands out.Antique  stores charge a great deal for beautifully distressed and aged item. The character makes them very worth the price. However, there are ways that you can create farmhouse style with a bit of creativity, do it yourself intuition, and saavy shopping.

Some of the key elements of farmhouse style are:

1. Benches. Whether they are at the foot of the bed or as seating for the kitchen table, they are casual, comfortable, and painted or stained, they look fabulous. 

2. Rustic wood.  Wooden crates for storage and display can be purchased or made. Hanging signs with stenciled lettering creates a wonderful ambience to farmhouse style. Decorate an old TV tray with white paint and distressed lettering to create a functional and rustic peace. Have one key piece of furniture in your home that's from old or distressed wood and create focal point by adding aged lamps, wooden frame mirrors, some baskets, ceramics, and a cozy sisal area rug.

3. Open shelving. In bathrooms, open shelving looks fabulous with glass bottles and jars on top and hanging towels underneath. In the kitchen, displaying dinnerware and ceramic items is as functional as it is beautiful. Store spices in Mason jars and don't forget vinegars and decorative bottles.


4. Metal and glass lighting. Create your own island lighting with mason jars. You can even turn old colanders and buckets into pendant lighting over your table or countertop. What a fantastic statement.

5. Use wire baskets to store your kitchen and bath items. Toiletries, napkins, potatoes, onions, and more. I keep a "gift basket" in my guestroom. It contains small samples of homemade soaps, hand cream, a face cloth, and some essential oil sprays that add a personal touch for each guest. 

6. Use ceramic crocks to house your wooden spoons and kitchen staples. You can find fabulous old ceramic pieces at thrift shops and garage sales. If you're lucky enough to live near a Potter, you might be able to get castoffs for pennies on the dollar. You'll think they're  perfect but the potter won't!  

Hadar Iron Work

7. Change up your cabinetry. Instead of having a panel door, switch it out to chicken wire, or even fabric.

8. Build your own wooden island or storage center. Already have an island? Clad it with rustic looking wood. You can create your own rustic wood by painting on vinegar/steel wool/water mixture to get a beautiful grey color.

8.  Instead of traditional tile, opt for a more casual style.  Create a wooden pallet or bead board  backsplash. Using the new acrylic pinjpaints in a satin sheen will give you plenty of protection, or you can opt more protection by adding a coat of matte sheen urethane.

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