Jun 13, 2016

Update a bath without a remodel

Finding ways to transform a dated bathroom without remodeling can be challenging. I'm frequently called upon to provide design advice for people who need a change and prefer to start with a DIY project. Here's a compilation of  ideas that will give your bath a major facelift. Stop by our Miramar area showroom for a selection of fabulous accessories, art, fabrics and furnishings to help you update your bath.

1. Paint is a dramatic part of the update equation. Nothing changes a room faster than color. If you have an old oak vanity, consider painting it a neutral color, perhaps one that matches your tile. A new coat of paint on the wall can create an open, fresh space. 

2. Add an area rug. Even in a damp environment, nylon and wool rugs perform very well. Rather than using a standard single color bathmat, try adding a colorful, patterned area rug. 

3. Update quickly by adding fabric. One of the simplest ways is to change your shower curtain. Keep the plastic liner but add a decorative curtain on the outside that is attractive, colorful, and adds pattern and texture.  If you have a pedestal sink, using Velcro, attach your fabric to the sink and  gain storage space underneath.

4. A fabulous way to achieve  a transformation without painting is to update your cabinet hardware. Go from knobs to pulls and install them vertically. Change the finish from brass to brushed nickel. If you have finger pull doors and drawers, add knobs or pulls to dress them up. 

5. Change your light fixture.There are many fabulous bath fixtures in styles that will completely change the look of your space.

6. Tack 1/2" wide molding onto to a plain door for instant character. 

7. Frame your plain mirror with a wide molding to add architectural detail.

8. If you have a bit of space, bring a piece of furniture in that can also serve as storage or seating. Many baths have room for narrow console, bookcase, or bench. 

9. Find a beautiful basket or other storage container with a lid, and place all of the small toiletries that normally sit on your counter inside. Eliminating clutter will be refreshing and you will stay organized with everything at your fingertips.

10. Don't forget artwork. Posters, canvas prints, and architectural elements can be used in a bathroom. It adds character, personality and color.