Oct 19, 2015

Bar Carts!

Growing up in the late 60s and 70s, was a time of jazz music and neighborhood get-togethers in my house. My dad had a jazz band that practiced every week, and the neighbors would gather on Saturday night, all dressed up, while I watched from the hallway. Part of the festivity was rolling out a bar cart. With chic martini glasses, Glass decanters with colorful liquids, cool stirring sticks, and cocktail shakers in stainless steel, and an elaborate handled ice bucket, that cart meant wonderment to me.

I especially remember Babette and Harry. She was a glamorous and beautiful woman. Her long blonde hair was twisted up in a knot and her beautiful long nails were flashing as she made drinks for everybody from the bar cart.

Then, cigarettes and martini glasses in hand, the guests would groove to my dad and his jazz band. At the end of the evening, my mom would rinse out all of the glasses and leave them turned upside down on the bottom of the bar cart, storing it in the corner of our dining room. It was a beautiful piece of furniture, and I have always loved using a cart in interiors for drinks, tea, lemonade, or as a beautiful storage unit next to a sofa. 

Their styles range from mid century modern with oak tops and tripod metal legs to retro steel and metal styles to rich mahogany and cherry woods classically styled with little brass wheels. 

Bar Carts Parked

As we all know, the mid-century esthetic is the current, hot influence in home design and the bar cart is an icon of the era. Swank, sexy, adorable, the bar cart is ready to transform any room into an entertaining space.

Cool Stylish Mid-Century

With so many options available it’s easy to find a cart that suits you, but don’t forget to dress up this stylish accessory whether it's with glassware or collectibles.

Paired with your bar cart will be the drink table. There are fabulous styles available everywhere, and even if you don't use them with the bar part, they can add an artistic element to your living room or family room.